P-Town Pizza will open its doors in Drummond's home base—Pawhuska, Oklahoma—within the next few days. 

What would a successful food empire be without constant, bewilderingly rapid growth? Ree Drummond, known as "The Pioneer Woman," gained a mass following from her blog, best-selling cookbooks, and TV show based on her life in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and now she is opening a brand-new restaurant. The focus? Pizza.

"I think we're gonna open next week if we can push ourselves over the finish line," Drummond wrote in an Instagram post over the weekend. "In other news, this might not have been the best time to take a break from carbs."

P-Town Pizza is slated to open in Pawkhuska the week of June 18, and while we don't have a huge amount of intel yet, we can say for certain that a) There will be pizza, and it looks quite good, and B) There will be two different types of Bloody Marys, one of which—"the Caprese"—has cheese (!) on it. It's Drummond's favorite.

In a recent cover story for PEOPLE, Drummond talked about making a small town in Oklahoma, with just 3,500 residents, the center of her empire. (In addition to living and filming in Pawhuska, Drummond just opened the Boarding House, an eight-room hotel there, which is down the street from the Mercantile, her restaurant and retail store.)

"I think, understandably so, that people make assumptions—that we all look the same, think the same, and vote the same,” Drummond said. “But we have quite a bit of diversity in this town, both economic and cultural. Pawhuska is the headquarters of the [Native American] Osage nation. You could spend a lot of time in here and see the world from a lot of different perspectives. You don’t have to look too far out to hear differing points of view, differing backgrounds, and I’m glad that my kids have grown up in that environment.”

Drummond has plans to open a steakhouse, also in Pawhuska, later this year.