Over 50 craft brewers are making the swap to promote a health-conscious cause.
Credit: Courtesy of Pints for Prostates

Though beer has been trying to shed its stereotypically male image, if you want to get a man’s attention, beer is still a great way to do it. So for the fourth year, Pints for Prostates will be running a simple campaign to coincide with September’s National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month—turning millions of bottle caps across the country blue to help raise awareness.

For 2018, the Crowns for a Cure campaign (as the initiative is called) will see 4.8 million blue bottle caps—each featuring the Pints for Prostates logo—distributed to at least 54 craft breweries from 25 states. Once removed, the bottle caps feature messages underneath encouraging men to learn about the benefits of regular health screenings.

“Crowns for a Cure will start thousands of conversations this fall and encourage guys who might otherwise avoid the topic to talk with their doctors and schedule health screenings,” Rick Lyke, who founded Pints for Prostates in 2008 and is a prostate cancer survivor himself, said in a statement. “We have the support of some great breweries who will put a lifesaving reminder in the hands of men. The craft beer community has been an amazing supporter of Pints for Prostates during the last decade.”

One of the biggest supporters of this program is Oregon’s Deschutes Brewery which has decided to include the artwork on 2.4 million of its own bottle caps for beers slated to be shipping in November. “What we are able to accomplish really starts and ends with brewers and craft beer fans. What Deschutes and the rest of these breweries are doing is a real statement about how much they care about their fans,” Lyke added. “If Pints for Prostates Crowns for as Cure reaches just one guy who benefits from a prostate health screening, then the effort will be a huge success.”

And as they say on TV, no purchase necessary. Hopefully, if you’re a guy reading this article, it’ll be enough to get Pints for Prostates message across. For those interested in learning more, the non-profit has plenty of info available on its website.