By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 02, 2015
© PSL Images / Alamy

See a burger you like on someone’s Pinterest board? It could be at your door in 45 minutes. That’s the thought behind a new rollout for the social media platform. New technology for third-party developers could make ordering up real-life versions of pins a reality in the near future.

Pinterest is sort of the Internet’s version of window-shopping, letting you browse an endless selection of recipes, DIYs and fashion, so it makes perfect sense that the platform would eventually find a way for users to order directly through the site.

According to Computerworld, Pinterest is adding new technology that will allow developers for outside companies to incorporate their own apps and services into the site. During a talk at the EmTech Digital conference in San Francisco, Pinterest’s head of partner products, Tim Kendall, gave an example where a company like FreshDirect could allow users to order all the ingredients necessary to cook a recipe based on its pin. “We want this to be all over Pinterest,” Kendall was quoted as saying.

Kendall stressed that his example was simply hypothetical at this point (sorry, FreshDirect lovers), but the functionality could have all sorts of applications from ordering food delivery to adding items to a digital shopping cart. In a perfect world, maybe it could even do that awesome DIY project you saw pinned on your friend’s board for you. Isn’t technology great?!