Pizza skulls and baby pineapples are trending this season.
Most Pinned Food Costumes and Halloween Recipes
Credit: Green Art Photography / Getty Images

Halloween is the holiday for creativity. From quirky and unique costumes to innovative and icky-looking party snacks, ’tis the season to start brainstorming plans for your frightful festivities. Of course, there are few better places to scroll through inspirations than Pinterest, the social media site full of recipes, crafts, costumes, and so much more.

This year, the site has even launched the web-based Pinterest Haunted House, which you can explore from the comfort (and safety) of your own home while gleaning all sorts of ghoulish ideas for Halloween. Pinterest also provided Food & Wine with some insights, er, “Pinsights” as to which food-themed costumes and terrifying treats are topping people’s searches and saves this year.

Halloween Snacks:

Poison apples are a dark take on the traditional candy apple that might have your party guests second-guessing taking a bite.

More gross than grotesque, these specimen cup treats are seeing a major uptick in interest.

These adorable little gourds are made like your usual Rice Krispies treats, but with orange food coloring, a Rolo stem and green M&M leaf.

For a bit of frightening refreshment, turn a bright and tart beverage into a dark elixir with this recipe for black lemonade.

The true snack that smiles back, these apple and marshmallow smiles are a simple yes expressive kid-friendly appetizer.

These pizza skulls are basically head-shaped Hot Pockets. What's not to like?

Food-Themed Halloween Costumes:

Dressing as a cute and sweet cupcake is a perennial favorite of Pinterest.

Jelly Beans are up 370 percent year-over-year, so you'll probably be seeing a bunch on the October 31.

This avocado costume for moms-to-be turns that baby bump into the fruit's round pit.

With a cheeky twist, the couples costume of Colonel Sanders and a chicken gets more macabre the more you think about it.

Nothing goes together quite like cookies and creme. This Oreo cookie costume is perfect for couples who are stuck on each other.

Of course, Halloween is (mostly) about the kids, and even the youngest can get in on the dressing up. That’s probably why this adorable pineapple costume for a baby has been saved a whopping 230,000 times.

You can check out more spooky delights on Pinterest’s Pinfrights board or the Pinterest Haunted House for even more Halloween ideas.