Eating "pegan" is one of them. 

We're deep in trend report season, when every major social media platform rounds up all the data they've collected over the past 12 months and tells us what's going to be big in the new year. Facebook predicts that 2019 will be The Year of the Carb (people are suddenly super interested in bread, they say). And now Pinterest has released a (hyper photogenic) 2019 food trend list of its own. Let's dive in.

Credit: Pinterest

Mushroom Everything

Mushroom Fricassee
Credit: Greg DuPree

Searches for "mushroom recipes" are up 64 percent from last year, and people aren't just looking for savory dishes and apps—mushroom coffee drinks and mushroom chocolate are also gaining traction.


Oxtail and White Sweet Potato Stew
Credit: Johnny Miller

Oxtail dishes are also on the rise, with searches up 209 percent. People are particularly into oxtail slow cooker recipes right now.

Eating Pegan

No, that's not a typo. Part vegan, part paleo, the pegan diet has taken off in recent months.

Homemade Bread

A Very Serious Cookbook
Credit: Matty Yangwoo Kim

Pinterest pointed out that more and more home cooks are baking their own bread, especially fermented loaves like sourdough. (Facebook had similar findings.)

Grazing Tables

Grazing tables—think of them as really, really big cheese or charcuterie boards (and the stuff of dreams)—will be a full-on thing in 2019, Pinterest says. Searches for the popular party setup are up 163 percent.

Ginger Water

Credit: picture alliance/Getty Images

Adding some ginger to your water supposedly aids in digestion—no wonder searches are up 353 percent.

Foil Pack Dinners

Avid pinners love a meal hack. Easy, quick-prep foil pack dinner recipes are going to be huge in 2019, according to Pinterest.

Homemade Jam

DIY jam had the most dramatic spike of all, with 829 percent more pinners looking for recipes this year.

Oat Milk

Sorry, almond milk—it looks like oat milk is set to continue its reign as the most-pinned dairy alternative in 2019.


This versatile, pale green squash pairs well with bold spices. Pinterest is betting it'll become increasingly popular in 2019.