Meet Pinky Malinky. 

Credit: Nickelodeon

If you've already watched the Nailed It! holiday special from start to finish, there's another food-centric Netflix Original on the horizon. Well, loosely food-centric. OK, it's actually a cartoon mockumentary about a talking hot dog who's just trying to get by in a world otherwise filled with ordinary humans. Also, he appears to be a vlogger.

Yes, there's a lot going on in Pinky Malinky, a Nickelodeon-produced, 20-episode series that's set to debut on January 1. If the name sounds familiar, that's because the show has been bouncing around in development limbo for a few years. Based on a pilot that aired back in 2009, the series was originally announced in 2015, as the first collaboration between Nickelodeon and Netflix. Since then, it's been delayed every year up until now—most recently this July, when Netflix said it would debut on August 17.

But, the folks behind the show were determined, much like our hero, Pinky. From the official press release: "By always reaching for the stars, Pinky pushes himself further than anyone could imagine and proves that being a “wiener” is only one letter away from being a 'WINNER'!"

Here's everything else we know about Pinky: he happens to be a hot dog because of "a rare genetic mutation that runs in the family," he has two best friends named Babs and JJ, he lives in a town called Sackenhack, and he loves to make movies and "drop sick beats."

Oh, and he's super positive. "I want to inspire everyone to dream big again," Pinky says in the trailer. There's even a line in the theme song describing him as "full of joy and processed meat." In other words, he has some real Spongebob energy. But also a little Ren & Stimpy energy? At one point, Pinky pulls pack his hot dog casing to reveal the pink goo underneath, a true '90s-Nickelodeon gross-out move. Check it out for yourself, in the clip above.