L.A.’s Pink’s and Boston’s Spike’s announced a charitable wager.
Credit: Boston Globe / Contributor / Chris Weeks / Contributor / Getty Images

Rival companies from different parts of the country placing friendly wagers on the fate of their local sports teams during major competitions is nothing new. We just saw Sam Adams and Brooklyn Brewery face off over the Red Sox-Yankees series. But typically, these bets are for something silly: For instance, after the Red Sox won, Brooklyn Brewery had to rename a beer in their taproom. For the World Series, however, two local hot dog joints have kicked their gambling game up a notch, choosing to wager cold, hard cash… for charity.

Pink’s Hot Dogs in Los Angeles and Spike’s Junkyard Dogs in Boston—two legendary hot dog stands located on opposite sides of the country—announced today that they had decided to go the friendly sports team betting route. But instead of wagering something cutesy, both brands put $500 cash on the line to one of the other city’s local charities. “If the Dodgers win, Spike’s Junkyard Dogs will donate $500 to the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation and, and if the Red Sox win, Pink’s will donate $500 to the Jimmy Fund in Boston to support cancer care and research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,” Pink’s explained in a press release.

Of course, the timing seems pretty unfortunate for Pink’s: After last night’s loss, the Dodgers are already down two games to none against a formidable Red Sox team that finished with the best record in all of baseball. If you were betting this with an actual bookie, you’d almost certainly want to make sure you were getting better odds than just $500 versus $500 at this point. That said, the Dodgers have yet to play any games at home, so maybe their fortunes will change once they’re back in Los Angeles for a couple games. And regardless, all the money is going to charity, so even the loser should walk away feeling like a winner in this one.