The iconic Hollywood hot dog restaurant is changing its colors for the first time ever to celebrate the home team’s first World Series appearance in 29 years.

pinks hot dogs
Credit: stevezmina1 / Getty Images

Though people clearly eat hot dogs, in the dining world, hot dog-centric restaurants have failed to reach much national popularity. On a recent list of the top 100 restaurant chains by sales, a hot dog joint was nowhere in sight. Still, pretty much any city worth its salt has a signature hot dog spot—and in Los Angeles, that spot is Pink’s. Launched in 1939, the eatery moved into its unmissable, brightly-colored pink building on the corner of La Brea and Melrose in Hollywood back in 1946. A lot has happened in that time—in fact, the Dodgers didn’t even play in L.A. when Pink’s first opened—but for the baseball team’s first World Series appearance in 29 years, the restaurant is trying something it’s never done before… going from pink to Dodger blue.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been a relatively successful team since moving to Southern California from Brooklyn for the 1958 season. The franchise won the World Series in the second year after it landed in L.A. and went on to appear in the Series nine times in its first 31 years in the city. So comparatively speaking, going 29 years without getting into the fall classic is a long time. The city is excited and so are the people behind Pink’s. “Being avid Dodger baseball fans, the owners and the staff of Pink’s decided what better way to support ‘team Los Angeles’ than becoming blue for the World Series,” the brand wrote, “from blue uniforms, umbrellas, walls, floors and our famous storefront banner, we are helping light up Los Angeles—blue.”

Pink’s has even created a signature “Blue’s” hot dog at a special price. Starting tomorrow, this bacon chili cheese dog will be just $4.88—a discount that pays tribute to the last time the team was in the World Series, 1988. The iconic eatery says the whole promotion will last “until the Dodgers win the 2017 World Series!!” Uh, so let’s hope the Dodgers actually do win—otherwise Pink’s may have to stay blue until the time machine is invented.