Singer and winemaker Alecia Moore has a knack for identifying single malt scotch.

P!nk—A.K.A. Alecia Moore—wears many hats. On top of being a world-renowned singer and songwriter, she owns Two Wolves Wine, where she serves as winemaker and vigneron. She opened several bottles during a wonderful lakeside Thanksgiving dinner she hosted for us and her friends in Santa Barbara (featured in our November issue), and also joined our Executive Wine Editor Ray Isle in an episode of "Bottle Service" to play a game of Sip, Savor, Spit. However, instead of having her identify wines, Isle has P!nk try out a trio of different whiskeys. As it turns out, she has a talent for identifying single malt scotch.

The rules are simple: P!nk has to decide which whiskey she’d sip, or drink on a daily basis, which she’d savor—Isle defines “savor” as delicious, wonderful, and the best thing ever—and which whiskey she’d spit. Isle has three bottles hidden in bags to conceal their labels, and explains they're all from different countries. “So Ireland, Scotland, and the United States?” she quips, and Isle responds “you’re very smart.”

As they try the three whiskeys, Isle chats with P!nk about how she made the leap from being a singer to buying a vineyard and making wine. She explains that music and performance art has brought her all over the world on tour, shuffling between countless hotels and venues. On a rare day off, she enjoys heading somewhere quiet in nature, and somewhere where she can learn—over time, that developed into a love for vineyards, and Two Wolves was born.

Ultimately, she decides that whiskey number one is her least favorite—although she says she’d never spit whiskey—which turns out to be Four Roses Small Batch Select. (Isle notes it has a very high proof, at 104.) Whiskey number two ends up being her "sip," Jameson Cooper’s Croze Triple Distilled (86-proof), which she noted was very smooth. Last, she identifies whiskey number three as her "savor," a Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch, aged 10 years (86-proof). She loved its smoky, peaty flavor, and almost guessed the exact bottle on the nose.

At the close of the segment, P!nk and Isle try two of her wines—a 2016 Graciano and a 2016 Cabernet Franc—while she explains the story behind the Two Wolves name. It comes from a parable in which a grandfather explains to his grandson that we all have a war inside each of us, the war of two wolves. One represents greed, jealousy, anger, and fear, while the other represents love, compassion, generosity, and kindness. Which wolf wins? The one you feed.

“To me, that’s always given me shivers up my spine, because it’s all about balance, right?" she tells Isle. "I’ve been in places in my life where I’ve been completely out of balance and in a bad place. And I have found balance in my life and I think the same happens in a bottle of wine.”