Catch up on a weekend's worth of reading in 30 seconds or less!

By Pamela Kaufman
Updated May 23, 2017

Catch up on a weekend's worth of reading in 30 seconds or less!

Fans of Parts Unknown and Anthony Bourdain (by which I mean everyone) should check out this piece in Food Republic by Tony's sidekick Laurie Woolever. She writes about a dish that fueled the gonzo chef's trip to Vietnam, Bun Bo Hue. Bonus: a recipe for the soup and its "badass broth" that includes congealed pig's blood.

His name is David Chang, and he hates fancy beer. The star chef writes about his deep respect for Bud Light in GQ. "Cheap beer is the Champagne of beers" is how he puts it, explaining why it's so good with food.

Brooks Headley, punk-rock musician turned pastry chef at NYC's schmancy Del Posto, writes for Lucky Peach (courtesy of Medium) about a Cali tour with his "crummy punk band." The best line: "It’s like Cook It Raw with raggedy drums instead of lichens and eighties tube amps instead of pig’s blood." (Bonus trend alert: pig's blood!)

Badass food writer Anya von Bremzen has had enough of tasting menus and heretically declares that she'd just rather snack. She explains the why and where in Travel & Leisure.

Is it ethical to pick out the best bits in a snack mix? Slate explores the issue in an excerpt from Eat More Better, a new book by the defiantly ungrammatical Dan Pashman that tackles this weighty topic with goofy Socratic rigor.