By Carey Jones
Updated June 27, 2017
© Dylan + Jeni

Chef Zach Pollack of L.A.’s Alimento calls his creation the Pig in a Blanket, but this is not the dough-wrapped sausage of your youth.

"The Pig in a Blanket at Alimento is an amalgam of the classic American snack of the same name and the Italian late-night gut-buster, the piadina," says Pollack. "Traditionally stuffed with Stracchino, arugula and prosciutto, the piadina was a staple in my diet while working in northern Italy, and one I enjoyed almost exclusively after midnight (and a few Peronis)."

The bread. In lieu of bread, Pollack makes a flaky spelt pastry. It might mean this whole creation is best eaten with fork and knife, but you can't deny it's a good-lookin' sandwich.

The filling. Mortadella, Stracchino cheese (nice and melty), tomato jam, pickled mustard seeds and brovada (a turnip sauerkraut). Pollack went full Italian with the mortadella: "When developing the dish, I tested a number of domestic products against Italian ones and ultimately settled on the Italian brand Leoncini."

Where to get it: Find the Pig in a Blanket on Alimento's current dinner menu.