It's now certified organic, in case that’s what was holding you back.

pickle juice
Credit: Courtesy of John Greim / Getty Images

Originally founded back in 2001, The Pickle Juice Company bills itself as the “developer of the only trademarked and purpose built functional Pickle Juice sports beverage.” It’s one of those “onlys” where you find yourself thinking, maybe there’s a reason for that? But all kidding aside, interest in pickle juice as a sports drink has seen a bit of an uptick – back in October, we spoke to the New Jersey Devils' Blake Coleman about his pickle juice habit – and The Pickle Juice Company is probably the biggest name in the game. Now, the brand has taken a big step towards upping its street cred: Its line of Pickle Juice drinks has received organic certification from the USDA.

As The Pickle Juice Company explains on its website, the brand “refrains from including ‘non-functional’ ingredients in our formulations to the best of our ability.” As a result, and as you might expect from a beverage simply called “Pickle Juice,” the ingredient list is pretty minimal: Dual Filtered Water, Vinegar, Salt, Natural Dill Flavor, Potassium, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E. As a result, the company says that its recent USDA organic certification “guarantees that Pickle Juice contains a minimum of 95 percent organic ingredients, and highlights its lack of additives or artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.”

“Receiving USDA organic certification represents another step in our ongoing effort to produce the best, most functional and healthiest products available. We are extremely proud to be working with a beverage line that offers consumers the only all-natural and proven solution to muscle cramps and dehydration,” Filip Keuppens, vice president of global sales and marketing for The Pickle Juice Company, said in a statement. “It’s important to us that consumers know that Pickle Juice is a healthy alternative to the many sugary and synthetic drinks that seem to dominate the market. We are proud of our brand’s dedication to serving a quality sports drink, which contains only pure and natural ingredients, including key electrolytes and vitamins.”

However, organic or not, a bigger question looms: Does pickle juice really work? Though Coleman seems to prefer the stuff out of the jar, not the branded stuff in the fancy bottle, he said that pickle juice has helped his performance. “I've always had really bad cramp issues, and I've always worked on making concoctions that basically keep me from seizing up,” he told us. “Pickle juice has just been one of the things that's worked.” Just imagine what organic pickle juice might do for him!