New York's new Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. takes some creative liberties with the polarizing cucumber. 

2018 may be the year of the pickle.

The team behind Jacob's Pickles, a restaurant in NYC's Upper West Side neighborhood, just opened a more casual, still-pickle-focused spot, Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. Predictably, the menu offers a plethora of pickle-inflected dishes, as well as a concise, eclectic selection of dumplings and noodles, but one item in particular jumped out at us: the pickle-flavored soft-serve.

With news in March that Sonic would be rolling out a Pickle Juice Slush this summer, we're not shocked that Americans' taste for pickles is broadening, now flavoring a range of sweeter items and desserts. But pickle flavor with sweet, creamy dairy? We're not sure how to feel.

The pale green pickle soft serve costs $5, and the serving seems to be quite generous, judging from the handful of Instagrams that have popped up. We're eager to try it for ourselves, though we're a bit nervous.

Judging from the 'gram, the pickle juice soft-serve tastes ... pretty good. "First time trying pickle ice cream! Surprisingly tasty and unexpected," one user commented on her photo. Their other two flavors of soft serve, matcha and chocolate-dip, look appealing, too. We're guessing if you felt so inclined, you could order a chocolate-dipped pickle ice cream, which, wow. What a time to be alive!

According to Eater, the fast-casual dumpling spot also has a retail component, with "wacky t-shirts for sale like one featuring a pig with a shrimp tail stabbing a pickle with a trident on one and another with a unicorn-pig hybrid stabbing a pickle with its horn."

Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co. only has 15 seats, but it looks like it has a healthy to-go business if you want to take your pickle ice cream for a stroll, maybe over to Central Park.