The Most Googled Pie in Every State Ahead of Pi Day

Here are the recipes pie lovers across the country are looking up this week in anticipation of March 14.

Photo: kajakiki/Getty Images

While we need no excuse to bake and enjoy a pie, Pi Day (otherwise known as March 14) is as good a reason as any to whip out the recipe for an old favorite or try your hand at something new. (And just to be safe, there's a spare "National Pie Day" on January 23, in case you need two excuses.) This year, Google provided us a peek into how people across the country are preparing for Pi Day by sharing the top search results for pies in all 50 states and the District of Columbia (taking the top result state-by-state after removing nationally trending searches). They run the gamut from Buttermilk pie to Spaghetti pie and everything in between.

Here are the unique pies, sweet and savory alike, folks are Googling more in your state than any other this week:

Courtesy of Google

Find even more Pi Day-ready pie recipes here.

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