By Aly Walansky
Updated January 27, 2016
Credit: © Tim Gainey / Alamy

Remember when North Korea claimed it had found the cure to just about every disease and hangover-free booze? It seems that’s old news, because now there’s even something better: Olive oil that cures cancer.

Too bad it’s just as much a fabrication.

The Archbishop of Peckham in London (don’t get excited, it’s a self-appointed title), Kenyan preacher, Gilbert Deya, is selling bottles of olive oil, claiming it cures cancer. Even worse, it’s not even quality olive oil. It’s marked-up bottles of cheap super market varieties.

Come on Deya, if you are going to misrepresent olive oil as a miracle cure, at least give us something delicious.

A report by UK’s The Sun says: “Our two-month undercover investigation caught him and his pastors falsely selling olive oil from Aldi as a cure for cancer and HIV, and charging to perform ‘miracles’ and to ensure infertile women conceive.”

While filming during its investigation, The Sun caught the preacher promising: “Don’t use any oil except this oil...and the cancer will just disappear. The healing will take place.” Deya was charging £5 for the 750ml bottle of Solesta extra virgin olive oil, which has an Aldi logo on the label. According to The Sun, the same oil cost £1.99 in the supermarket.