The reporters used the sun as an oven. 

cooking pizza in parking lot
Credit: Johnny Mix / Buena Vista Images / Getty Images

Arizona is so hot during the summer that there an actual tradition in the state’s newsrooms of experimenting with outdoor cooking. Yesterday, the Phoenix New Times took full advantage of said tradition in the state's current heat wave by baking a pizza.

Don’t misunderstand: The newspaper staff didn’t bake the pizza using an outdoor oven. They used the outdoors as an oven.

This feat was made possible by the fact that it was 113 degrees in Phoenix yesterday. Taking advantage of these dizzying temperatures, the team bought a Signature Select cheese pizza from Safeway (currently on sale, as they note), and at 1 p.m. in the afternoon, placed it on a piece of aluminum foil in an empty parking space, and let the magic happen.

25 minutes later, when the temperature had risen three degrees, the pizza was completely thawed. By 2 in the afternoon, the temperature reached a staggering 118 degrees, so hot that the weather map almost ran out of colors and dogs had to wear shoes to prevent burns on their paws. Ouch!

Venturing outside from their (hopefully air conditioned) offices, the team noticed that the crust had began to puff up and cheese had melted. By 3, the crust was doughy and a half an hour later, when the temperature had reached 119 degrees, just three degrees away from an all-time high, the intrepid journalists decided to taste test their handy work, despite the fact that it had been “marinating in car exhaust” for several hours.

"It's not as poisonous as I expected. I'm not tasting the pollution,” one tester said, while another explained that it “reminds me of a gas station breadstick."

Apparently, they also dumped a 10-pound bag of ice out on the ground to see how long it would take to melt, but their phones overheated and shut down before they could relay any answers to the waiting public.