Pop one of these bottles in honor of the World Champions.

Eagles wedding cake
Credit: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

If you’re from Philadelphia, you probably haven’t stopped celebrating the Eagles upset Super Bowl win against the Patriots since February. Fans were so excited that the city had to spread Crisco on the telephone polls to prevent anyone from climbing up them. These are some very enthusiastic fans. Now, there’s a new way to remember the team’s legendary triumph forever: with a commemorative bottle of wine.

The Eagles recently announced that they would be releasing two special edition wines—a mix of a Cabernet Sauvignon and Monterey Merlot and a champagne, called Championship Red and Championship Bubbly—to honor the win, which is meant to capture the "distinctive taste of victory,” according to a report from NBC.

Each bottle is emblazoned with the Eagles mascot, as well as the familiar “World Champions” banner and the date of the Super Bowl, February 4, 2018. The wine has been aged for a quick 15 months, which means it would have been bottled almost a year before the win, in either a display of impressive positive thinking from the team or just the coincidental vintage of the wine available to slap the new label onto.

You could, of course, keep each bottle on display in your home, as a way to tell guests that they’re walking into an Eagles-only household (no other fandoms will be tolerated), and as a reminder of that glorious moment when the clock reached 0:00 with the Eagles still in the lead. But why not drink the wine to keep the celebration going? Don’t worry, you basically have permission from the team.

“We felt like this celebratory wine bottle was the perfect way to commemorate our world championship season with Eagles fans,” Eagles President Don Smolenski said in a statement.

Both Championship Red and Championship Bubbly are available now from Manos Wines, so if you’re an Eagles super fan, you can stop looking for another reason to celebrate—here it is. Just don’t drink the whole thing and try to climb up a telephone pole.