Ahead of the Super Bowl, fans are making their love of football known. 
Eagles wedding cake
Credit: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Weddings, as we are all well aware, are a time to celebrate love. Love between two people, usually, but that definition is flexible when you’re from Philadelphia and the Eagles are a few days away from competing in the Super Bowl. When Mike Kelly and Jessica Haines of West Chester, Pennsylvania (about 45 minutes from Philadelphia), got married, for instance, they knew that there would be no better way to show their devotion to what they love—each other, the Philadelphia Eagles—than through one of central pillars of a wedding: the cake.

The couple decided to go the more subtle route when it came to displaying their football fandom at the wedding, which may come as a surprise given that Eagles fans aren’t exactly known for their subtlety; infamously, maintenance workers had to grease up the street poles so that crazed fans didn’t try to shimmy up them after a recent win. But their vision presented a challenge: How could they celebrate the Eagles on the most important day of their lives while simultaneously presenting a traditional cake at their wedding (perhaps to please all those people who don’t take football as seriously as they do). To accomplish the task, they turned to The Master’s Baker, which created a dual-sided wedding cake for the couple.

On one side, a white-tiered cake, layered with fondant and white roses. Turn it around, and you get something a little more unconventional: Green fondant decorated with the Eagles’ logo, footballs, and even a fifty-yard line. The Eagles love doesn't stop there: The wedding decorations also included an ice sculpture in the shape of an Eagles helmet.

The story behind why the couple decided to decorate half their cake in honor of a football team does relate back their love story. “The beginning of the building blocks of our relationship was our shared love for the Eagles, and the cake really tied it all together. It really meant a lot to us to have something that was a symbol of that love,” Haines told Today.

A happy ending to this love story would probably be a win for Eagles on Sunday (if you ask Haines and her husband, at least). For everyone else considering incorporating a sports team into their wedding ceremony, take it from this couple: There is a classy way to do it.