A local news station is in hot water over a graphics mishap.

Thank goodness for spellcheck. The word processing software staple is responsible for catching many a written mishap in everything from term papers to tweets to, yes, even the articles you read on this site. Sometimes, however, the tool has its limits. For example, when a word that’s misspelled to be another actual word. Or when the host city of the 2018 Winter Olympics is spelled as the name of an Asian-fusion chain restaurant. Okay, that example may be a little more unforgivable for the typist than the technology, but nonetheless, it’s an error a Chicago news station admitted to.

ABC Network affiliate WLS-Ch. 7 was, as most news stations are for the next two weeks, running down its usual Olympics coverage on a Saturday morning newscast. However, in the over-the-shoulder graphic that appeared next to the anchor as he relayed the story to viewers someone had loaded in a card that read "P.F. Chang 2018" instead of PyeongChang 2018. Yes, that would be P.F. Chang's, the restaurant famous for lettuce wraps and Dynamite Shrimp, and not the South Korean city (whose name has been saturating nearly every conversation since the beginning of February). The restaurant chain even took to Twitter to clarify its non-host status:

According to the Chicago Tribune, a spokesperson for WLS blamed the mixup on the station's wacky sports anchor. Apparently, the graphic was part of a satirical piece about made-up Olympic sports. Exactly how the restaurant name being swapped for the city name fits into that joke structure remains to be explained.

While this was an intentional attempt to cross the Winter Olympics with food, there have been a few food-filled moments in the games thus far. Gold medal snowboarder Chloe Kim has been tweeting about her cravings and more while at the games, and there are a bunch of chefs on the ground scoping out the food scene along with the sporting events, including David Chang who is the official food correspondent for NBC.