By Mike Pomranz
Updated October 23, 2014
© Newscast / Alamy

What issues are you most concerned with this election season? The minimum wage debate? Health care? How about vegan ice cream? One couple feels so passionately about the last issue that they have taken their fight to the streets – the Internet streets – with a petition on to get socially conscious Chunky Monkey makers Ben and Jerry to start selling one.

Jenny Foy and Doug Reed love Ben & Jerry’s “socially progressive nature” and have been “loyal customers” for “many years.” But the couple is perplexed by the company’s lack of a vegan ice cream option. Sure, they offer a line of vegan sorbets, but, come on, who’s ever gotten excited about sorbet?!

To push their idea, the cow-friendly pair has decided to use as their online megaphone, seeking to rack up 5,000 signatures in support of their petition. And it might just work: they’re over halfway there.

If the petition continues to pick up steam, the concept certainly seems like something Ben & Jerry’s would consider. If you’re a voting vegan, you can provide your digital John Hancock here.