Peter Luger is making big moves. 

Credit: Snap Decision/Getty Images

One of the most significant American restaurants is finding new life in Japan. Peter Luger Steakhouse, a Brooklyn fixture for more than 130 years, will open its first international location in Tokyo by 2020, according to a Tuesday statement from the restaurant. The move is somewhat surprising considering that the famous restaurant hasn't expanded domestically before making the leap abroad. (As of now, the restaurant has only one other location, in Great Neck, Long Island.)

So why Tokyo before, say, Los Angeles? Or Dubai?

Amy Rubenstein, CEO of Peter Luger, cited Tokyo's growing demand for American beef, as well as its culinary culture. She also said in the statement that they'll be shipping the same USDA prime beef they use in their New York restaurants to Tokyo.

“Among Japanese consumers, the award-winning Peter Luger Brand is already synonymous with unsurpassed American dry-aged beef and the New York restaurants are frequently ranked among the top must-visits spots in Asian publications,” said Michio Akimoto, COO of Wondertable, Ltd., the restaurant development company that is partnering with Peter Luger on the expansion. (The company has introduced American restaurants like Lawry’s the Prime Rib and Danny Meyer's Union Square to the Japanese market.)

If you live elsewhere in America (or the world) and were hoping that more Peter Luger locations are in store, you may have to wait a bit; the steakhouse as no immediate plans for further expansion, according to a rep.

However, you can still purchase Peter Luger products in grocery stores, as well as dry-aged cuts via their online butcher store.

As for the forthcoming Japan location, the restaurant "will replicate the design and operational elements of the New York locations" and will "be centrally located in Tokyo," in a 7,000- to 11,000-square-feet space.