This weekend, indulge in the long reads that you simply didn’t have time for this week.

By Max Bonem
Updated July 28, 2017
Tsukiji fish market
Credit: Elisabeth Sherman

The internet is a very busy place and every week there are fascinating food stories that we all miss. Luckily, the weekend is here and it's the perfect time to take a deep dive into some of the best food writing from around the web. Here are some our favorites from the past week that you might have missed.

Can Stories About Food Upend Familiar Narratives of War?

Foreign Policy's story on the ways refugees are portrayed in news reporting offers foods as better lens to understand displaced people.

At Atla, Mexican for Every Moment of the Day

Pete Wells reviewed Enrique Olvera's new restaurant Atla this week and was smitten with the food and service.

Taste of the Silk Road

Go inside a Kyrgyzstani household for a proper Dungan feast that tells a centuries old story of migration and exile in a part of the world few tourists travel to.

The Toxic Saga of the World’s Greatest Fish Market

Tokyo's Tsukiji market houses 671 licensed wholesale dealers sell 500 different kinds of seafood with $17 million worth of sales per day and more than 700,000 tons of fish per year. But even as a Tokyo institution it's been battling an uncertain future.

How Chefs Are Finding Harmony in the Flavors of India and the American South

Indian food has become meshed well with the cuisine of the American South. Here's how that came to be.

Inside The Magic Castle, the Most Mysterious Restaurant in Los Angeles

Take a look inside one of L.A.'s most exclusive restaurants, which is technically open only to The Academy of Magical Arts' members and their guests.

I Spent an Entire Day in a Mall Food Court

Munchies' Alison Stevenson spent almost 12 hours inside a mall, "enjoying" breakfast, lunch and dinner along the way.

Google's Quest to Develop a "Plant-Based" Power Dish More Popular Than Meat

How Google is trying to reduce its culinary carbon footprint with everything from blending burgers with mushrooms to a data-driven quest to create the most delicious vegan taco.