F&W's Ray Isle solves every pairing dilemma with his guide to the most versatile wines and the best dining spots for the pairing obsessed, plus 20 matches to try before you die.
Perfect Wines for Any Meal

Pairing Guide:

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5 Best Wine Bars for Pairing Practice

5 Best Wine Bars for Pairing Practice

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Super Wine Snacks

Consider these to be the ultimate pairings: wine and food all in one.

Wine-Sicles: There are lots of wine ice creams and sorbets at specialty stores; these wine pops are easy to make with Riesling and pears.

Red Wine Caramel: It's easy to prepare a luscious red wine caramel to top sweet or savory dishes.

Biscotti al Vino: These Italian cookies, baked with red wine, are crisp and lightly sweet. Biscotti Nucci's are classic ($7 for 5 oz; nvfinefoods.com).

Danny Meyer on Pairing Sandwiches with Wine: