Affable Samuel Adams founder/brewmaster Jim Koch stopped by the other day to show off a pet project many years (and dollars) in the works: the Perfect Beer Glass (for Sam Adams Boston Lager, that is). The thing looks like the offspring of a lantern and a goblet, with a narrow base, bulbous center and outward-turned lip—like a translucent Alfred Hitchcock, I guess. I can’t show it to you here, but there’s a picture of it on the Sam Adams website. Here’s how Koch described his glass, in his own words (and my translation):

“The outward-turned lip presents the beer to the front of the palate.” (Translation: The beer will hit the front of your tongue first—or, if you’re not careful—the front of your tongue, then the front of your collar.)

“I wanted a glass that delivers a full sensory drinking experience.” (Translation: The glass even makes beer sound better.)

“The glass narrows towards the top to help build and maintain optimal head.” (Translation: It creates more foam than spring break in Ibiza.

“There are laser etchings on the bottom of the glass that create bubbles so you get constant aroma release.” (Translation: He wanted an excuse to use a laser.)

“This glass is the perfect glass for Samuel Adam lager. I don’t know what it would do to other beers. But it will not make PBR taste like Sam Adams.” (Translation: Jim Koch knows what it would do to other beers, and it could very well make PBR taste like Sam Adams, but he wants to just trust him on this, okay?)

Experience the Sam Adams glass for yourself at one of the bars currently testing it out, or order it online ($30 for 4) on the Sam Adams website.