The biggest meal of the year in the smallest form possible.

Thanksgiving will, no doubt, be a smaller affair for many Americans this year. Travel advisories, social distancing, and CDC recommendations mean fewer friends and relatives coming over and, therefore, a less expansive spread of side dishes and pies. But if you're really not feeling the whole "roast an entire turkey" vibe this year, Perdue has the most pared-down option you can imagine: Thanksgiving nuggets.

Launching tomorrow, Perdue's ThanksNuggets compact a good portion of the usual Turkey Day staples into finger food, with breaded white turkey meat nuggets shaped like whole turkeys (feathers and all) and breaded dark turkey meat nuggets that are, appropriately, shaped like drumsticks. But the form isn't the only nod to the holiday feast. The drumsticks' flavor is also "inspired by traditional sides like cranberry sauce and stuffing," while the turkeys are "inspired by everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving vegetable: sweet potato," an announcement from the brand states.

Perdue Thanksnuggets

“Thanksgiving is going to look very different this year, and we know there’s a lot of cooking fatigue out there right now, so we thought we’d have a little fun with it by launching our limited edition ThanksNuggets," Tracy Hostetler, VP of Marketing, Premium Prepared Foods, said. “Forget the hours of prep, the brining, the roasting, the mountain of dishes, the fancy place settings: this year is all about having a ‘LazyGiving.’ Whether you prefer white or dark meat turkey, our ThanksNuggets have got you covered so you can still enjoy your favorite holiday flavors without all the effort.” (Of course, if you don't want to forget about roasting a turkey you can check out our guide here.)

But don't expect to find these in your grocery store's freezer aisle. Instead, only a limited number of bags (100 to be exact) will be available for purchase on the Perdue website at a cost of $19.20 (a reference to the company's founding year) for 24 ounces of nuggz while supplies last. The shop opens up Friday, November 13 at 12 p.m. ET. Find more information at

Of course, if nuggets aren't small enough, you can eat every course from turkey to green beans to pumpkin pie in pieces of candy corn. Yes, really.