LaCroix, meet Bubly. 
bubly sparkling water
Credit: Courtesy of PepsiCo

If you thought designer water was a passing trend, think again. Today, PepsiCo. joins the "fizzy water wars," jumping into the increasingly crowded and popular market with its new line of sparkling water. Behold Bubly. (Just two Bs.)

"Bubly marks the most direct attack yet on LaCroix," says New York Times.

The new sparkling water line comes in eight flavors—limebubly, grapefruitbubly, strawberrybubly, lemonbubly, orangebubly, applebubly, mangobubly, and cherrybubly—in eye-catching cans with hues like school bus yellow, bubblegum pink and construction cone orange.

With Bubly, Pepsi Co. enters a water arena already packed with competitors—La Croix, Nestle, IZZE, and San Pellegrino all come to mind—with loyal and dedicated customers. But that doesn’t seem to faze Pepsi, which remains “confident in [their] ability to innovate from within,” Todd Kaplan, VP of the water portfolio at PepsiCo North America Beverages, says.

“We created Bubly to provide consumers with a great-tasting, flavorful, unsweetened sparkling water in a fun, playful, and relevant manner … unlike anything we've seen in the sparkling water category today,” Kaplan says in a statement on industry news site AdAge.

According to Beverage Marketing Corporation’s DrinkTell database, sales of sparkling H2O have soared in recent years: it doubled from 2015 to 2017—to the tune of $8.5 billion, the New York Times reports. (And LaCroix’s stock alone has more than doubled in two years.)

At the same time, the newspaper notes, carbonated soda sales have plunged: two years ago, water sales passed soda sales—and last year, soda sales declined for the 13th year in a row.

Sales of sparkling water are expected to increase, and experts predict even more companies will attempt to enter the sector in coming years.

“Every store brand will have its version of La Croix,” Beverage Digest’s executive editor Duane Stanford told the Times.

Bubly comes in 12-ounce cans—sold in eight and 12 packs—and in 20-ounce single-serve bottles, according to a press release. It’s made without artificial sweeteners, Pepsi Co. says.

Pepsi Co. plans to release commercials about Bubly during the 90th Oscars on March 4, but if you can’t wait to learn more about this new line of lime, mango, strawberry, lemon and other sparkling water, you can watch this new promotional video posted on AdAge.