Pepsi Just Might Be Coming Out With a New Cinnamon Flavor

Here's what you should know.

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Photo: Courtesy of Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Is nothing sacred, Pepsi?

First, the soft drink brand released a controversial commercial that attempted to represent the current social climate in a decidedly offensive fashion. Featuring Kendall Jenner, vapid protest signs, and a tone-deaf ending, the whole thing was a PR nightmare.

Now—just weeks after the release of the ad—the brand's up to something once again. And while it's not likely to touch as tender a nerve as the commercial did, it's still pretty contentious: The brand's adding a cinnamon flavor to their line-up of drinks.

Pepsi Fire, the name of the flavor in question, has already launched at many 7-11 stores in Michigan in the form of a Slurpee, and a PepsiCo spokeswoman told The Street that the drink is not, in fact, available in can form. But Instagram photos showing the drink in can form suggest, um, otherwise. One, taken by user travisrauh and geo-tagged at Pepsi-Cola of Central New England, shows a silver can with a white label and the same Pepsi Fire logo that accompanies the Slurpee version.

It's all very mysterious.

Another photo taken by user, a self-proclaimed "Mountain Dew and Energy Drink Collector," shows the same drink alongside a caption reading "New Q3 for pepsi - A cinnamon flavored "Pepsi fire". This is just a prototype can."

Prototype or not, we hope Pepsi knows they're not only messing with the traditional soda recipe; they're messing with our heartstrings, too. We suppose we have no choice but to console ourselves by eating as much cinnamon as we can...the way it's supposed to be eaten.

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