The People's Best New Chef: Southeast

Southeast Chefs: Billy Allin | Bryan Emperor | Kevin Gillespie

Joshua Hopkins | Joseph Lenn | Steven Satterfield | Ryan Smith

Ryan Trimm | Aaron Vandemark | Tandy Wilson

Southeast Region Winner:

Bryan Emperor

Bryan Emperor. Photo Courtesy of Kalu.


Bryan Emperor

  • Restaurant: Kalu Asian Kitchen
  • Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Why he's amazing: Because he used his time abroad to learn the fundamentals of making impeccable, non-Westernized Asian food.
  • Background: Departure (Portland, OR), Ten (Charlottesville, VA)
  • Culinary school: Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY.
  • Must-try dish: Wagyu hanger steak with yuzu and coriander pesto.
  • Favorite imported ingredients: Mongolian mountain salt, charcoal from Kyoto, spices from China.
  • Former career: Banker with Lehman Brothers.
  • Training: Emperor became proficient in Japanese to train in restaurants all over Tokyo.
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Billy Allin. Photo Courtesy of Green Olive Media LLC.

Billy Allin

  • Restaurant: Cakes & Ale
  • City, State: Decatur, GA
  • Why he's amazing: Because his unpretentious food reveals a mastery of flavors and execution even in the most humble offerings, like deviled eggs.
  • Background: Chez Panisse (Berkeley)
  • Culinary School: California Culinary Academy.
  • Must-try dish: Warm spring vegetables with pancetta, creamy lemon vinaigrette and a crispy poached egg
  • Favorite author: George Orwell
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Kevin Gillespie. Photo © Fredrik Brauer.

Kevin Gillespie

  • Restaurant: Woodfire Grill
  • City, State: Atlanta, GA
  • Why he's amazing: Because he knows what to leave out as much as what to put in for his plates of micro-regional, sustainable food with a Southern accent.
  • Background: Atlanta Grill in the Ritz-Carlton (Atlanta), Fife Restaurant (Portland, OR)
  • Culinary school: Art Institute of Atlanta.
  • Must-try dish: Crispy fried hen-of-the-woods mushrooms.
  • Best known for: Being a finalist and fan favorite on Top Chef Season 6.
  • Cooking philosophy: "We tell the suppliers to bring us whatever is best, and then we write the menu from there. It's like a jigsaw puzzle."
  • Comfort food: Pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup.
  • Most recent food discoveries: The smoked steelhead roe in his steelhead tartare, and crudo with grapefruit and dill topped with fine crispy bread crumbs.
  • Biggest influences: Edna Lewis, Thomas Keller, Michel Bras
  • Favorite junk food: Hot wings.
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Joshua Hopkins. Photo © The Reynolds Group.

Joshua Hopkins

  • Restaurant: Abattoir
  • City, State: Atlanta, GA
  • Why he's amazing: Because his meat-centric cuisine elevates every part of the animal, like in his beef tripe with beef bacon and hominy in cilantro-lime broth.
  • Background: Bacchanalia (Atlanta); Slightly North of Broad, High Cotton (Charleston, SC)
  • Culinary school: Self-taught.
  • Must-try dish: Lamb sweetbreads with sour plum and rosemary.
  • Restaurant-style accessory: Meat hooks—abattoir means "slaughterhouse" in French.
  • Food philosophy: "The food won't necessarily be Southern, but the ingredients will definitely be from around the South."
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Joseph Lenn. Photo Beall and Thomas Photography.

Joseph Lenn

  • Restaurant: The Barn at Blackberry Farm
  • City, State: Walland, TN
  • Why he's amazing: Because he serves beautiful Foothills dishes inspired by the farms and gardens surrounding his kitchen.
  • Background: Main House at Blackberry Farm (Walland, TN), The Hermitage Hotel (Nashville), Peninsula Grill (Charleston, SC)
  • Culinary school: Johnson & Wales, Charleston, SC.
  • Must-try dish: Lamb loin wrapped in lamb bacon with bulgur risotto and harissa.
  • Best known for: Teaching students to cook Southern ingredients at Blackberry Farm's cooking school.
  • Kitchen must-have: A mandoline. "Every single cook that works with me has one at his station."
  • Pork endorsement: "Benton's country ham and bacon, made in nearby Madisonville, is the best in the country."
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Steven Satterfield. Photo © Kelly Blackmon.

Steven Satterfield

  • Restaurant: Miller Union
  • City, State: Atlanta, GA
  • Why he's amazing: Because he creates homey, satisfying food that is subtle but not too spare.
  • Background: Watershed (Decatur, GA)
  • Must-try dish: Farm egg baked in celery cream.
  • Oddball ingredient: Sea Island Red Peas.
  • Secret ingredient: Nutmeg. "I use it in a lot of things where most people use black pepper."
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Ryan Smith. Photo © Sara Dorio.

Ryan Smith

  • Restaurant: Empire State South
  • City, State: Atlanta, GA
  • Why he's amazing: Because he helped take the restaurant in a more casual direction without sacrificing any of its ambition.
  • Background: Restaurant Eugene, Holeman & Finch Public House, Bacchanalia (Atlanta)
  • Culinary school: Culinary Institute of America.
  • Must-try dish: Berkshire pork chop with mushroom jus.
  • Quirky games: The restaurant has an outdoor bocce court.
  • Changing menu: The original concept was meat-and-three, where diners chose their sides; Smith changed the menu to reflect the sides and pairings he thought were best for the mains. (But diners are welcome to make substitutions.)
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Ryan Trimm. Photo Courtesy of Sweet Grass.

Ryan Trimm

  • Restaurant: Sweet Grass
  • Location: Memphis, TN
  • Why he's amazing: Because he brings elevated and refined low-country food to western Tennessee.
  • Background: The Grove Grill (Memphis), Slightly North of Broad (Charleston, SC), 208 South Lamar (Oxford, MS)
  • Must-try dish: Pork osso bucco, glazed with bourbon instead of wine.
  • Alternative career: Trimm was on his way to law school before deciding being a lawyer wasn't for him.
  • Inspiration: His grandmother, a first generation Italian-American who cooked everything from scratch.
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Aaron Vandemark. Photo Courtesy of Panciuto.

Aaron Vandemark

  • Restaurant: Panciuto
  • City, State: Hillsborough, NC
  • Why he's amazing: Because he makes Northern Italian cuisine his own by adding unorthodox Southern touches.
  • Background: Magnolia Grill (Durham, NC), Il Palio (Chapel Hill, NC), The Fearrington House Restaurant (Pittsboro, NC)
  • Culinary school: Johnson & Wales.
  • Must-try dish: Pan-seared quail with polenta and a whiskey-balsamic reduction.
  • His closest employees: Vandemark's sister runs the front of the house.
  • On challenging diners' tastes: "We do a duck-and-chestnut ravioli in a liver sauce. Sometimes that's a really hard sell, so I'll be stubborn and leave it on the menu, because I know it's good. At a certain point, either my spirit's broken or it clicks."
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Tandy Wilson. Photo Courtesy of City House.

Tandy Wilson

  • Restaurant: City House
  • City, State: Nashville, TN
  • Why he's amazing: Because he combines Italian rusticity with Southern charm to create food that is robust and soul-satisfying.
  • Background: Margot Café & Bar (Nashville); Tra Vigne, Terra (St. Helena, CA)
  • Must-try dish: A cornmeal-crusted catfish filet with a relish of garlic, mint, chili and orange.
  • Volunteer work: Wilson coordinated the feeding of victims of Nashville's flood last year and worked with local chefs to raise funds with charity dinners.
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