The 2011 People's Best New Chef: Jamie Bissonnette

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People's Best New Chef Jamie Bissonnette
Jamie Bissonnette
Photo courtesy of Coppa

Jamie Bissonnette. Photo Courtesy of Coppa.

WINNER: Jamie Bissonnette

  • RestaurantCoppa
  • City, StateBoston, MA
  • Why he's amazingBecause he's not afraid to challenge diners' palates with the daring nose-to-tail cooking (including calf's-brain ravioli and blood-sausage pepperoni on pizza) at his intimate enoteca.
  • BackgroundToro, KO Prime, Eastern Standard, Pigalle, Tremont 647, Clio (Boston)
  • Culinary schoolArt Institute, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  • Must-try dishSpaghetti carbonara with egg, pancetta and uni.
  • Favorite foodTripe.
  • Hours spent in the tattoo chair250. "On my hand, I have a ham bone that says 'eat offal,' and a caricature of a chef on my leg. On one arm, I have grapes. And I have a few pigs, since I love charcuterie."
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