Eggplant Grilled Cheese Sandwich

We like grilled cheese, and it’s a good thing we do, because it means we are superior in many ways to people who do not—at least, according to a new survey. According to research done by social networking site Skout (yeah, we didn’t know there was a social networking site called Skout, either), people who self-identify as grilled cheese lovers lead better lives in several ways. First of all, we are more charitable: 81 percent of those of us in the pro-grilled cheese camp have donated money, time or food to those in need compared with 66 percent of grilled cheese haters. We also lead more exciting lives: 84 percent of us prioritize adventure and travel. Oh yeah, we also have more sex: 73 percent of us have sex at least once a month; 32 percent of us get lucky at least six times a month. So there you have it, the many benefits of grilled cheese. We don’t know who you people are who have something against melted cheese and toasted bread, but in light of this new information, maybe you should reconsider.

Anyone who wants to start living the grilled cheese lifestyle can find some inspiration here.

[h/t LA Times]