“If we ever decide to order pizza and you suggest Little Caesars, you're automatically cancelled.”

Remember on Seinfeld when Jerry broke up with a woman for eating her peas one at a time? He’s not the only one who’s judged someone by the way she eats. Many people become turned off by a potential romantic partner due to their food habits, preferences and aversions. For example: I could never be with someone who felt neutrally or negatively about hot dogs, the perfect food.

We asked people on Twitter (and in person) about their biggest food-related dating red flags, and the responses were … impassioned.

Dating Red Flags
Credit: Getty Images/Uppercut

1. “Candy corn has a very special place in my heart. It’s been my favorite candy for as long as I can remember, and so I think if I met someone who vehemently disliked it, I would have to end the date.”

2. “Just no tuna salad in public. I'm traumatized by an elementary school classmate who always chewed her tuna sandwich with her mouth open.”

3. “Picky eaters. I eat everything, and I hope the person I’m dating would at least be open to trying things out instead of saying, ‘Nah.’”

4. “If we ever decide to order pizza and you suggest Little Caesars, you're automatically cancelled.”

5. “I have no patience when a guy tries to be my match in the kitchen or backseat drive my meal. Let me throw down in the kitchen and show you why I’m a kickass cook, you know?”

6. “I once dated a guy who didn’t like risotto, which is criminal, but I loved him anyway. That's not a basic food that appears on everything, so easier to work with, but ... maybe that was a red flag. Like, does the person not enjoy life?”

7. “I do think it would be very hard for me to date someone who doesn't drink and also someone who doesn't eat something in a broad category, like carbs or meat. Mostly just because it would be hard to enjoy meals together.”

8. “I used to be a very picky kid and now I'm not, but I resent adults who are. I grew out of it, why can't they?”

9. “I don’t like people who don’t like sweet potato fries.”

10. “Someone [once] took prosciutto out of a hoagie and microwaved it because ‘it’s raw.’”

11. “Anyone who chooses lettuce and tomato on a taco over cilantro and onion, or flour tortillas over corn, is an insta-dump.”

12. “I could never deal with someone who thinks they are too good for a Hot Pocket.”

13. “I can't do when people eat finger food by putting their fingers into their mouth.”

14. “If you don't fuck with avocados heavily, we can just end it immediately.”

15. “People who hold their utensils in their fists are cavemen. It’s only men who do it, and it's so off-putting. My brother-in-law does it, and I just spend family dinners looking at him in disgust.”

16. “Aversion to seafood, or aversion to anything that isn't well-done, or unreasonable pickiness in general.”

17. “People who salt things without tasting them first.”

18. “Crappy tippers.”

19. “I swipe left on vegans every time. We could never go out to eat or cook together.”

20. "I could never date someone who liked fruit of any kind for dessert. If it contains fruit, for the love of God, it's not dessert. It'll be our last date if you pass on chocolate for cobbler."

21. “I’m currently dating someone who hates mustard. We're working on it.”