The new app hopes to make discovering the state’s 282 craft breweries easier than ever before.
Credit: Anthony Tumminello / EyeEm/Getty Images

As the number of breweries in the U.S. continues to grow at a meteoric rate—currently somewhere around 7,000—many beer lovers are facing a problem that was almost unthinkable ten years ago… there are too many breweries to keep track of. Granted, it’s a good problem to have, but one that can be vexing nonetheless. To address this potential concern, plenty of states, regions, and cities have been releasing official beer trails and maps and apps (etc.) to help drinkers navigate their beer scenes. Now the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is upping its beer tourism game: The state’s official brewers guild has just announced its new, free Digital Ale Trail App.

Pennsylvania is definitely a sensible candidate for a brewery app: The state ranks sixth in its number of craft breweries, with 282 statewide according to the Brewers Association (BA). Even more impressive, Pennsylvania ranked first in craft beer production—though to be fair, it gets some help by being home to Yuengling, which is America’s largest craft brewer by the BA’s definition.

The new app hopes to make trying all that beer easier than ever before. The Brewers of Pennsylvania guild writes that features include things like “comprehensive brewery info including beers on tap, location, and hours,” a “location-based tool to identify nearby breweries,” an “integrated passport program that allows consumers to earn rewards and prizes,” “beer suggestions based on previous check-in activity,” and “photobooth and social media integration,” as well as additional basics like a craft beer style guide and official BOP news.

“Creating the Digital Ale Trail App along with the new BOP website and member database are significant steps forward to enhance the BOP’s digital footprint, and will help drive more traffic and interest to the great breweries we have in the state,” Dan LaBert, Executive Director of the Brewers of Pennsylvania, said in a statement. “Throughout the last couple of years, PA consumers have asked for a better means to connect to more craft brewers. The Digital Ale Trail App will allow them to do just that.”

The free app is currently available through both the iTunes Store and Google Play.