Credit: © William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

"Candy corn and Swedish fish have gotten the Oreo treatment, so why not throw another polarizing candy flavor into the mix?" - Food scientists at Nabisco, probably.

According to @junkfoodguy Eric Huang, an unnamed source has confirmed that Peeps-flavored Oreos will be on shelves by March 2017. And frankly, there's nothing you can do about it.

Whether you've been loving the flavor mash-ups or not, Oreo has been owning the cookie game with its limited edition tributes to timeless culinary classics. Some offerings, like s'mores and red velvet, have been successes, while others (like the aforementioned Swedish fish) have been assaults to taste buds and worthy of a flush down the toilet.

With Peeps, you're either going to love these or hate them. And if you find yourself as part of the latter, you can at least appreciate the fact that they'll be hot pink and on trend for the Easter bunny.