Peeps Oreos
Credit: OREO

If you've proceeded with caution to sample Oreo's latest flavor profile, marshmallow Peeps, then you may have fallen victim to an unfortunate, albeit completely predictable side effect.

Sandwich cookie connoisseurs have taken to social media to express their outrage, dismay and general disgust over the Nabisco snack's ability to stain your saliva hot pink. (Because that's clearly not what to expect when inserting a neon-colored, food dye-based treat into your mouth.)

In further proof that humans are running out of things to complain about, we're not entirely sure why those concerned with oral hygiene are choosing to eat Oreos in the first place. The tar-hued chocolate glob has always been the culprit behind staining pearly whites (temporarily, of course) and this hot pink Peeps creme addition is merely an artificial addition to a pre-existing problem.

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Here is a sampling of some of the colorful responses:


Meanwhile, we're just happy to hear that our stomach and intestines are doing their respective jobs and not experiencing the Burger King black bun Whopper endemic that swept the world in 2015.

Unless you happen to be this girl:


Or this girl's unfortunate roommate:


In which case, sorry? Y'all kind of got what you paid for.