Is it "PEA-can" or "puh-CON?" The American Pecan Council tallied over 290,000 votes and found a clear winner.

There's nothing like a pointless debate to get you fired up for no reason. Coke or Pepsi? Yankees or Red Sox? Beatles or Stones? In that vein, here’s another one: How do you pronounce the word “pecan”? Is the nut a “PEA-can” or a “puh-CON”?

A recent poll is aiming to select a victor for some low-stakes excitement. In the lead-up to pecan pie season, the American Pecan Council is asking Americans to weigh in on their preferred pronunciation. In the two weeks that the poll has been open, the council says over 347,000 votes have been cast—and the winner appears clear: "Puh-CON" is leading by a whopping 32 points over "PEA-can."

Credit: Getty Images

Are you in the “PEA-can” camp? Don’t worry, you still have until 5 p.m. tomorrow to get your vote in on the official voting website— American Pecan says the final decision will take into account votes across multiple platforms, not just those cast on the site, but also on places like Twitter and Instagram where “Puh-CON” has clearly had a more substantial victory.

And no matter who wins, as Alex Ott, executive director of the American Pecan Council, explained, there truly is no right or wrong answer. “Even across the 15 pecan-growing states from California to the Carolinas, growers and shellers themselves say it differently,” he said.

Sure, these polls don’t require any sort of registration, so you may wonder about the accuracy of the results, but some basic security does exist: I tried to vote twice, and the site flagged me, so this may more legit than you think. And hey, maybe “PEA-can” can still pull this thing out? Or, you know what, maybe you have other more serious things on your mind. If so, pat yourself on the back: You at least took a long enough break to get through this story. Not bad. Grab yourself a slice of pie.