A California liquor was left in shambles after an angry bird paid a visit. 

Peacock liquor store rampage
Credit: Milamai / Getty Images

A visit from a peacock – supposedly elegant, poised creatures – ended in disaster, and a lot of wasted wine, for an Arcadia, California liquor store.

The peacock – otherwise known as a peafowl because, in this case, it doesn’t sport the stunning and blue and green feathers most people associate with peacocks – strutted into Royal Oaks Liquors yesterday, and made himself comfortable amongst the wine bottles, according to a report from NBC Los Angeles. He had settled under a neon sign for Pabst Blue Ribbon (perhaps he's more of a beer fan) when a customer spotted him.

“A lady said, 'Hey, uh, you have a bird inside your store,'" manager Rani Ghanem, recalled.

Apparently, the store’s door had been accidentally left open, allowing the bird to saunter inside.

An animal control officer showed up on the scene to coax the bird out, but as the video clearly shows, he was out of his league. The agitated bird, who was probably content to relax among the liquor bottles without being disturbed, outsmarts capture and crashes around the store, breaking bottles as he flaps his wings to escape the net.

According to the manager, the bird ended up destroying around $500 in Champagne and other expensive wines.

Eventually the officer managed to capture the wayward bird with the help of a concerned bystrander, as it sat perched on top of a shelf, but not before it was able to create puddles of wasted red wine in its wake.

Still, the story ends with a happy ending for the peacock (though not so much for wine lovers who hate to see a good bottle go to waste). He'll be released at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden – hopefully putting a swift end to his reign of terror at Southern California liquor stores.