It was only a matter of time.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is a perfectly drinkable lager, but its primary appeal has more to do with its image than its flavor. PBR's revival was a masterclass in marketing, and in the past year-plus, the brand has leveraged that success in wild new ways: PBR Hard Coffee, PBR Stronger Seltzer, PBR Hard Tea, PBR Hard Cold Brew, and even PBR Cannabis-Infused Seltzer.

With all those drink choices, hopefully you have some food to go with it, and now PBR has that, too: Pabst Blue Ribbon Mini Pretzel Wrapped Beer Brats.

Pabst Blue Ribbon Mini Pretzel Beer Brats
Credit: Pabst Blue Ribbon

Pabst Blue Ribbon has teamed up with the self-described experts in branded and private label products at Distinctive Foods to release a beer-infused twist on pigs-in-a-blanket. The resulting PBR-branded product, which is being sold under the Chicago Deli name, features miniature hardwood-smoked bratwurst that have been cooked in PBR beer and then wrapped in Bavarian pretzel bread.

"Pabst draws in both hipsters and value seekers alike," Josh Harris, president and founder of Distinctive Foods, said according to Food Business News. "As a leading producer of Bageldogs, Pretzeldogs and other dough-wrapped proteins, teaming up with Pabst to create a pretzel wrapped mini beer brat cooked with Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer was a no-brainer."

These frozen mini brats, which have a suggested retail price of $9 to $10 per approximately two-dozen dog pack, apparently debuted exclusively for retail at Sam's Club a couple months ago, but Distinctive Foods says they've now also created a smaller 12-ounce size better suited for mainstream grocery stores, and the tiny dogs should start to have wider availability next year. Either way, surprisingly, these tiny dogs flew under the radar when they were first announced in September, so you still have time to say you ate them before they were cool.