Finally, the PBR x Entenmann's merch you never knew you needed is here.

Coffee and doughnuts are a classic combo. Now, one of America's oldest bakeries is teaming up with one of the country's oldest beer brands to encourage a very modern spin the pairing: How would you feel about matching your PBR Hard Coffee with Entenmann's Rich Frosted Donuts? Or at the very least, sporting some collaborative merch from the two century-plus-old brands?

"Pabst Blue Ribbon's over 175 years of brewing experience and Entenmann's 125 year plus history in baking have stuffed their combined sensorial knowledge into a pairing that, while new, already feels like a classic, Hard Coffee and Donuts," PBR said in announcing the partnership; "this is disruptive deliciousness at its finest, upsetting age-old traditions at brunch, desert, afternoon tea and beyond."

PBR and Entenmann's Hard Coffee and Donut Pairing
Credit: Ryan Duffy

The brands say there are two ways to enjoy this somewhat unlikely collaboration: First, of course there is limited-edition merchandise: On Pabst Blue Ribbon's website, you can currently throw down $36 to get a box that contains a custom Pabst x Entenmann's limited tee, a custom limited tote bag, and a free sleeve of Entenmann's donuts with each purchase. The only downside is that, due to legal restrictions, these boxes are BYOB—they don't come with a can of PBR Hard Coffee.

PBR and Entenmann's Hard Coffee and Donuts Pairing
PBR and Entenmann's Hard Coffee and Donut Pairing Kit
Left: Credit: Ryan Duffy
Right: Credit: Ryan Duffy

But that brings us to point two: To encourage people to actually give this boozy, sugary pairing a try, Pabst explains, "Consumers who buy one 8-count of Entenmann's Donuts and one 4-pack of PBR Hard Coffee using the national digital rebate in participating states will save $4 and be rewarded for double fisting, as they should." To get your rebate, text "PBRDNT" to 262-600-2622; from there, you'll be asked to submit your receipts to get your Venmo or Paypal credit. The offer is good until June 30.

That only leaves one question to ask: Should it really have required 300 years of combined experience to realize it might be fun to get tipsy and eat donuts? Probably not. But a lot of those years happened during Prohibition, so we'll cut them some slack.