This 686 x Pabst Blue Ribbon ski parka holds a cool dozen beers.

Pabst Blue Ribbon, meet Pabst Blue Jacket. Yes, for those who sit at the center of the venn diagram "fans of the polarizing beer" and "fans of the polar ice caps," take some serious heart, because there is finally a piece of apparel crafted to meet your very specific combination of needs and/or desires: the 686 Men's Sixer Inuslated Jacket: Cobalt PBR Colorblock Edition.

Finally, Pabst Blue Ribbon has teamed up with 686 Technical Apparel to offer a winter coat that, as the two collaborating companies say in a "Behind The Gear" video, is "legitimately technical." Finally, there's a quality winter jacket that, they say, "can really hold 11 or 12 beverages in there." Finally, a coat that features "hidden messages all throughout" that "showcase Pabst history," National Treasure-style, except in this case, the National Treasure is Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.

Running $250, the 686 x Pabst Blue Ribbon Sixer Jacket is just $20 more than the standard Sixer jacket from the pretty well-reviewed apparel brand—a small surcharge, especially when you consider that the company has monopolized PBR-themed jackets entirely.

But to be clear, it's not just about style when it comes to this jacket. The video—which does at least seem to feature the sense of humor you'd hope for from anyone involved in this project—goes into serious detail on precisely how extensive the coat's capabilities are when it comes to storing a dozen or so beers. Two front pockets aren't just cooler pockets, but feature compression elastic that keeps them from shaking around. In the chest, another zipper cooler pocket. On the outside, a standup-up Koozie (beer cozy) pocket, which keeps your drink easily accessible and insulated. Plus four "tallboy pockets" and two more in the chest. Though whether you should use them all is another matter entirely.