PBR Actually Made a 1,776-Pack of Beer

If you can't get your hands on one, the 99-pack is back this summer.

In 2019, PBR made headlines by releasing a 99-pack of beer. The beloved brand didn't invent the humorously lengthy cases (about seven feet long, actually): Texas-based Austin Beerworks lays claim to that first. But Pabst brought the 99-pack to the masses — selling them in select stores across the U.S. Now, PBR is going even bigger — nearly 18 times bigger — with their new Independence Day-themed 1,776-pack. No, this case won't fit in the trunk of your car; it barely fits in the back of a pickup truck.

"This is the Original Past Blue Ribbon 1776 Pack," the massive package states on the front. "It can hold 1776 Pabst Blue Ribbon beers and infinite amounts of freedom. You're welcome, America."

Interestingly enough, though 1776 was chosen as the year of America's independence, it's also divisible by the number of cans in a standard case of beer: 24. And so this 1,776-pack is equal to even 74 cases of beer. (Coincidence or were our Founding Fathers big drinkers? Probably both?) Need a bit more perspective? The 1,776-pack is also equal to over 10.5 kegs.

"We figured the best way to honor the year America claimed its independence was to make a box that held that many beers — 1,776. It's the least we could do," Nick Reely, PBR's VP of marketing, joked in the announcement. "Actually 1,776 is the most we could do because 1,777 seemed excessive."

Unfortunately, however, the limited edition #1776Pack won't be available to the public. Instead, PBR has given one each to four different partners: the beer chilling specialists at Igloo Coolers, skateboarding podcast crew The Nine Club, comedian Ali Macofsky, and the Michigan emo band Hot Mulligan. PBR explains, "Each partner will provide content (and updates) through the Summer and into Labor Day. Follow along @pabstblueribbon and #1776pack."

That said, don't give up on your dreams of lugging around a ridiculously large case of beer quite yet. PBR's 99-pack of cans is still more beer than any sensible person would want in a single box, and PBR has announced that those 99-can cases are once again back in stores now. So much for your plans to only buy 98 beers this weekend.

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