One pizzeria will trade an extra-large pie for a firearm surrender.

By Danica Lo
Updated May 24, 2017
Pizza for Guns
Credit: © James Ross / Getty Images

Hungry and out of cash, but have a spare handgun lying around the house? Why not trade it in for an extra-large pizza? OK, OK, we're making light of a serious situation here, but one pizzeria owner in Indianapolis has a totally novel idea for reducing the number of firearms in circulation: a trade-in program where you get a pizza in exchange for a gun.

"You know, I said, 'Maybe I could have helped them. Maybe I could have gotten that gun off the street,'" Donald Dancy, owner of D&C Pizza told local news radio station WIBC. "Every one of these crimes, mainly with these kids, I said, 'If I could reach them with a pizza, I could save a life.' I've got that in my heart, in my mind, that I could do it."

Dancy is working with the local police department on a voluntary gun surrender program to help combat rising gun violence in the neighborhood. "When you pass here right off of 36th and go all of the way down to 25th street and over, it is like a war zone—it is not getting any better," he told the local FOX affiliate. "I can see kids 14 through 18 coming in here and buying a pizza and their guns fall out."

In exchange for handing over a gun, the surrender-er will receive an extra-large pizza, no questions asked. "I'm not going to be asking any questions because you brought me a gun," he said. "You don't even have to have a pizza. If you just want to leave it here, I'll call the police and that's all the questions I need to ask."