Hollywood reveals what it was like to film the latest season without the beloved former judge and the series' original co-hosts.

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated August 14, 2017
Credit: Anthony Harvey / Stringer / Getty Images

In a new interview with Closer magazine, Paul Hollywood, the only remaining original member of the Great British Bake-Off teamin its new iteration on Channel 4, finally revealed what life has been like post-BBC.

The Daily Mail reports that Hollywood didn’t find it easy to leave his old co-hosts and network behind after Channel 4 outbid the BBC for rights to the program.

“I have missed Mary, Mel, and Sue, and when I started filming the new 'Bake Off' it was hard," he confessed.

Still, he ended up finding comfort in his new hosts, who rescued him from his malaise with their comedic chops.

“I had tears rolling down my face because of how funny Noel and Sandi are, so I wasn't really that sad in the end,” he continued.

Hollywood credits the ‘Bake-Off’ with launching his career and explains that he couldn’t bring himself to leave, despite the fact that the rest of the hosts jumped ship.

“The other three left for whatever reason but I didn't want to lose my job. The show found me and I didn't want to turn my back on them.”

Berry might have decided to stay with the BBC because she was promised a new gig; her new show will be called Britain’s Best Cook. Meanwhile, Hollywood claims that he was called a “traitor” for leaving the BBC when it was made known he would be the only one who stuck around to help the show transition to its new home on Channel 4.

The move has been dogged by controversy since it was announced: The Channel 4 CEO promised a new, more “modern” tone for the show, but audiences have been skeptical of the line-up of hosts, including comedians Noel Fielding (who recently said he wouldn’t be eating any of the shows treats) and Sandi Toksvig, as well as Berry's replacement, Prue Leith, a cookbook author and television personality, who said she plans to urge the contestants to bake healthier desserts.

With a strange new trailer for the upcoming season recently released, confusion about what to expect from the new show continues, unabated. All we know for sure is that we’ll definitely be watching if only to find out if the show works without our beloved Mary Berry.