The stadium hiked up prices during a heat wave. 


Fans of the New England Patriots attending Sunday's game at Gillette Stadium found themselves in a bind. Temperatures in Foxborough, Massachusetts had reached a sweltering 86 degrees, and workers at the stadium had prepared for the late September heat wave by doubling their supply of water bottles, but with demand especially high that day, they ended up running out of bottles anyway. Instead of giving out water to over-heated fans, they started charging them for tap water instead—and not just a few cents for a cup. Fans have since complained they were asked for fork over $4.50 for a cup of water.

According to report from the Boston Globe, the Patriots have since offered an apology to fans who say that the concession workers hiked up the price of water—which they served in soda cups because they didn’t have those small complimentary plastic cups you often find at stadiums and movie theaters available—while they were waiting for water bottles to be restocked.

“We apologize. That should not have happened. It is the first time that I have ever heard that complaint here. We are looking into the matter to ensure that it doesn’t happen again,” a spokesperson for the team said in a statement.

Fans took to Twitter expressing their outrage that “loyal fans” were being asked to pay exorbitant prices for tap water, even going so far as to say that the Patriots “should be ashamed of themselves,” for the making people pay for the basic necessity, especially since it was the stadium that hadn’t properly prepared for the thirsty crowd.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady should know better than anyone the value of staying hydrated: In his new book, in which he details his incredibly strict diet, he reveals that he drinks as many as 25 glasses of water every day. By those fans' accounts, that'd be $112.50!