Patrick Duffy to Open First-Ever L.A. Theater Bar That You Don't Need Tickets For

The Broadwater Plunge will operate whether or not there's a production going on. 

Photo: Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

While you may remember Patrick Duffy for his iconic role on the beloved '80s sitcom, Dallas, the 69-year-old is adding a new role to his resume that you won't find on IMBD: bar owner.

Dubbed The Broadwater Plunge, Duffy’s forthcoming bar is a project brought to life alongside his son (and fellow actor) Padraich Duffy and the younger Duffy’s wife, actress Emily Kosloski. But the family affair doesn’t stop there; Duffy’s new bar, which will open in May, actually marks the fourth generation of Duffys in the bar business. The senior Duffy grew up in an apartment connected to his parents' bar, called The Owl, in rural Montana.

“The Owl always felt like just another room in our apartment,” Duffy said in a press release. “On weekends, for instance, my sister and I would get out of bed and wander into the bar before it opened just as anyone else might go into the kitchen.”

With their living room and bar sharing a wall, Duff recalls drunken customers often mistaking the door to their living room as the door to the bathroom and stumbling inside. “We’d just spin ‘em around, point them in the right direction, and send them back into the bar,” Duffy said.

But it’s not just the celebrity and family connection that makes Duffy’s bar unique. It’s the fact that the Broadwater Plunge will be the first bar in Los Angeles to open inside a live theater that will operate no matter if a production is going on or not. And if there is a performance going on? You won’t need to be a ticketed member of the audience to enjoy their list of classically inspired cocktails and Broadwater Plunge signatures.

Complete with an original piece of the bar that Duffy’s parents ran, the interior of the 900-square-foot bar was designed by Greg Swanson, whose Los Angeles design credits include The Line Hotel (Koreatown) and Clifton’s Cafeteria (DTLA). It's slated to open this May in time for the 2018 Fringe Festival.

So, if you’ve ever felt like living it up thespian style without having to purchase yourself some theatre tickets, now’s your chance. Thanks, Patrick Duffy.

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