The meat mogul has launched his first-ever grill, which costs $1,195 and can reach 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit in two minutes.
Steak, Overhead

Pat LaFrieda is one of the biggest names in meat, but never before has the master butcher attached his brand to meat-cooking merch—until now. A new report from Bloomberg reveals the details behind the grill that LaFrieda, who supplies his meats to some of the best restaurants in the country (and Shake Shacks worldwide), launched with the German company Otto Wilde, and it sounds pretty incredible.

The grill doesn't look like what you'd expect of a meat master; the device resembles a rather small toaster oven, though its power is mighty. According to Bloomberg, the $1,195 grill can reach 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit in two minutes. For people living in small city apartments, this could be a game changer. (The grill weighs less than 40 lbs., too.)

“Over the years, I’ve been approached by just about every grill company you can think of to stick my name on something,” LaFrieda said, which makes it all-the-more significant that he's finally come out with self-branded merchandise.

The intensely high heat of the grill allows it to offer the perfect sear—reportedly "cooking a 1¼-inch-thick steak in fewer than four minutes."

“I like my steak medium-rare, with a sear. To get a sear on rare meat without overcooking it at home, that’s hard. I thought, if the grill can really get to 1,500 degrees, that’s awesome,” LaFrieda told Bloomberg. “It’s a big savings in fuel. And it’s just more efficient."

So far, 220 grills have been sold since becoming available in the U.S. in late May.

If you're not emotionally prepared to shell out $1,195 on a new grill, we understand—you can still make excellent steaks on whatever grill you already have, if you follow a few simple guidelines. Or, if you're not a steak person at all, may we kindly direct your towards LaFrieda's brilliant burger recipe, which combines five cuts of meat to form the perfect patty.