This DIY tutorial proves that cool tree ornaments can even be found in your pantry.
pasta christmas ornament
Credit: Courtesy of Crafty Panda

It’s never too early to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. For instance, let’s say you’re planning on going gluten-free for 2018. (Not to say you should, but if that happened to be your plan...) Perfect… because here is a way to turn all your soon-to-be useless pasta into very useful Christmas decorations!

Crafty Panda—the DIY crafts YouTube channel from the website Bored Panda—recently posted a video showing seven ways to turn different pasta shapes into surprisingly effective (and very not particularly noodle-looking) holiday decorations. Who knew that small pasta shells covered in silver paint could turn into a festive flower? Or that bowtie pasta could be used for a very serviceable mini-wreath?

The video also covers how you can transform penne rigate, fusilli, ruote, radiatori, ditali lisci, and conchiglie rigate pastas into everything from flashy stars to cute little cars with just some paint and hot glue. At the very least, this short two-minute video might spark your own creativity to think outside of the box (unless it’s a pasta box) when trying to figure out some last minute tree ornaments. Just look through the back of your pantry for all those half-used bags of noodle shapes until inspiration strikes you.

Granted, some might say, “Isn’t turning pasta into Christmas decorations a waste of pasta? It’s not like dry kind spoils or anything?” Yes, that’s kind of true. But at the same time, since they are covered in paint, these pasta ornaments and other decorations will likely last you for years to come. Or heck, even cook up half of your leftover pasta and chow down while you brighten up the tree with rest of it. Who knows? You might just start a new no-waste pasta tradition for the holidays that doesn't involve making a mismatched batch of Wacky Mac.