Larry Bain’s Let’s Be Frank caters hot dog parties in L.A. and San Francisco ( At right, some of F&W’s favorite hot dog recipes.
Depending on whether your frank is made of beef, pork or simply dipped in batter then fried, F&W's Ray Isle has the perfect hot dog wine pairing for you. / © Doug Ridgway

Larry Bain shares his party standbys:

  • “We try to use sustainable products, so we were thrilled when Heinz Organic Ketchup came out” ($2.50 for 15 oz;
  • “We love Capt’n Eli’s Root Beer because it uses cane sugar, not corn syrup” ($5 for 4;
  • “The organic Eel River India Pale Ale is unbelievable” (from $8 for 6;

Favorite Hot Dog Toppings:

Golden Yellow Mustard
Credit: © Yunhee Kim