Starting today, ‘Parks and Rec’ fans have a chance to bid on their very own Snake Juice bottle with a portion of proceeds supporting L.A. Conservation Corps.


For a show about a small town public parks department, NBC’s hit (and now concluded) comedy Parks and Recreation had a lot of food moments. Now, NBC Universal is letting you bring some of those moments home through a five-day-long online auction.

Much of Parks and Rec was about capturing the small (and often hilarious) moments that make it all worth it, from friendship and professional support to small-town values and food appreciation. The latter was evident in everything from wardrobe touches like Leslie Knope’s waffle necklace to settings like JJ’s Diner to characters like Ron Swanson and his meat-centric taste preferences or Tom Haverford's foodie lexicon

Starting today, you can treat yourself to real Parks and Recreation props, including several items that illustrate the small town’s one-of-a-kind food culture. Screenbids and NBCUniversal are offering fans a chance to get their own slice of the Pawnee pie from the studio’s storage including t-shirts, mugs, and aprons featuring the show’s iconic and more obscure food references.

That includes an apron and small cup from Sweetums, the maker of NutriYum Bars and the town’s leading sweet treat manufacturer, as well as stickers and t-shirts featuring the logo for Paunch Burger, a local and aggressively unhealthy Pawnee fast food chain. You can also bid on water bottles from Tom Haverford and Jean-Ralphio Saperstein’s joint (and short-lived) "premiere, high-end, all-media entertainment conglomerate” and mugs from Pawnee’s local TV news program Ya Heard? With Perd!

More hardcore fans can bid on April Ludgate’s entire waitress uniform, one of Tom’s Snake Juice bottles (for a liqueur that’s "...a delicious blend of many kinds of alcohol, coffee, sugar, and ingredients..."), and Leslie’s famous “Can of Whoop Ass,” which she used to help her at the Correspondent's Lunch.

Auction item prices start anywhere between $25 and $250, and a portion of all proceeds will go directly to L.A. Conservation Corps, a national service corps movement that employs more than 26,000 young people a year through environmental, conservation, and service projects and programs in both urban and rural communities. For those ready to show their Pawnee pride, bidding begins today at 1 p.m. ET and ends on December 1 at 2:15 am ET.