nude, dining
Credit: © Juanmonino/Getty Images

Remember The Bunyadi – London’s clothing-optional pop-up restaurant that garnered so much interest it had tens of thousands of people on its waiting list before the first nude diner even walked in the door? Well, on July 31, it will be closing its doors a month ahead of schedule, reportedly not because British people are too prude to dine in the nude but because the restaurant has gotten an offer to relocate to Paris.

In a talk with Country & Town House Magazine, Bunyadi founder Seb Lyall said he got an offer to move his naked dining spot to Paris and he took it. “I was told that since the recession there are some empty spaces in Paris, and we’d love to go over there to open,” he was quoted as saying. “It’s really positive and I’m excited to be going to Paris. We’ll be taking our team there and finding a venue – there are three possibilities at the moment. People came over from Paris, people in the industry, and said, ‘We’d love you to open over here. Here are some options.’”

French Bunyadi, as it’s being referred to, is once again scheduled to be a pop-up, this time through September and October. Lyall said that though the vibe (and optional nudity) will be the same, the menu and drinks will be different. He also said the licenses are already in the works.

Despite the positivity of the move, the fact that Lyall is shutting down early in London does leave a few lingering questions. “It’s easier for us to close after two months here. We need to start planning for Paris,” he explained to Country & Town House. “It’s been really hot in London and our current venue isn’t suitable for our plans to grow. It’s been warm and there’s no air conditioning. We’ve had a fantastic two months and now we need to move on.” Yeah, I could see a bunch of sweaty nude people not being the best eating environment. Let’s actually not linger on that though.

But good news for Brits who hate wearing clothes: Lyall said he’s not done in London. He wants to open the city’s first naked private members’ club after the French pop-up is complete. If anything, a “private members’ club” would create a nice double entendre.