At this Brookline, Massachusetts cafe, customers have been treated to everything from a 'Game of Thrones' inspired crepe to a true crepe tribute to Kanye West and Taylor Swift's feud.
crepes of the month at creperie
Credit: Courtesy of Paris Creperie

At a French café in Brookline, Massachusettes, customers are offered a crepe-focused menu made with everyone's inner geek in mind. For those who can have a sense of humor about their food (or those who simply like a good crepe), getting in the know about The Paris Creperie's monthly menu items only requires a quick peek at their social media. There, gamers, TV bingers, music lovers, politics wonks, card collectors, and award show tweeters alike can find what's next in the café's clever rotation of crafty crepe combinations. Made with equal parts care and enthusiasm by The Creperie staff, these menu items are often inspired by customer feedback and playfully indulge you (and your palate). Past crepes have featured a variety of themes, including Adele, Mad Men, Ben Carson, and even a Justin Timberlake meme, leaving no corner of pop-culture untouched in the name of the sweet or savory thin pastry. For those who like to love what they eat, here are 11 of The Paris Creperie's most creative pop culture-inspired crepes.

High Noon Crepe

Regardless of the name, you can order this western-themed Overwatch-inspired creation made from a barbecue spice-infused crepe stuffed with chorizo, eggs, piquillo peppers, fingerling potatoes, caramelized onions, and sour cream any time of day.

Freaks and Greeks

When the Creperie couldn't decide between two themes for their monthly secret menu item, they combined their final two choices and birthed this tasty concoction. This Full House meets Freaks & Geeks crossover crepe is dill-infused with feta, spinach, Roma tomato, kalamata olives, grape leaves and a house made tzatziki sauce.

Berry Manilow

With one of the sweetest and smoothest voices around, the Berry Manilow seeks to capture the unique essence of singer Barry Manilow's persona and sound. This permanent menu item is a poppy seed-infused crepe with fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, blueberry preserve, cheesecake cream cheese, and powdered sugar.

The Stark Chocolate

A pop culture-inspired menu is never complete without something based on one of TV's most popular high fantasy shows. Inspired by Game of Thrones' Arya Stark (and the rather bloody imagery her family inspires), this traditional base crepe features homemade dark chocolate spread, raspberry puree, and raspberry whipped cream.

Toasty Strudel

This crepe of the month, inspired by Mean Girl's Gretchen Weiners (the daughter of the inventor of Toaster Strudel, in case you forgot) is totally fetch. The graham cracker-infused crepe was made with fresh strawberries, melted butter and sugar, then topped with glaze.

The Jiggly Fluff

This Pokémon-inspired crepe uses one of the game's most adorable creatures—dual-type Normal/Fairy Pokémon Jigglypuff—as its direct inspiration and features Nutella (a Paris Creperie favorite) and a lot of extra fluff. We're pretty sure there's no defense move strong enough to resist this pink-colored crepe.

The Captain Planet Crepe

This menu item combined the powers of your taste buds to summon this colorful and tasty crepe based on the memorable Earth-saving '90s Saturday morning cartoon hero. Released around Earth Day, this Captain Planet creation was a lemon and sugar crepe featuring sunny lemon glaze and whipped cream clouds.

The Nan-Bear-Pig

Based on a cryptid (human-bear-pig) from a season 10 episode South Park, The Paris Creperie morphed the terrifying fictional creature into a sweet, salty, and savory crepe. Infused with cinnamon, the crepe also featured cookie butter, bananas, bacon, and was garnished with doughnut glaze. It was sure to be the stuff of your—and Al Gore's—nightmares.

Omellete You Finish

On the more clever side of The Paris Creperie's menu comes this nod to one of the MTV Video Music Awards most memorable—and memeable—moments. This Kanye-Taylor feud-inspired crepe includes parmesan, cheddar, tomato, red onion, and was topped with a fried egg, arugula, and sriracha-cashew aioli.

The Buddy Crepe

This holiday-inspired crepe is a play on the main food groups of Santa's helpers in the 2003 Will Ferrell comedy, Elf. The crepe combined Nutella, M&M's, candy cane crumbles, and mint glaze, which is easily a more appetizing option than Buddy's favorite: maple syrup and spaghetti.

Ron Swanson's Ameri-Crepe

There is no one who loves America more than Parks and Recreation's Ron Swanson, which is why this July 4 secret menu item was a perfect fit. This hearty American crepe featured bacon, eggs, American cheese, sausage, and ham before being topped with bacon bits and maple syrup.